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Qwt- how to customize the scale numbers shown in a QwtKnob

  • As said in the question I'm trying to change the numbers shown in the scale part of a QwtKnob. This is exactly the situation:

    I have this knob with the values between 1 to 100. Now when I set its range to between 1 and 100 with the step of 1 its scale shows the numbers 20, 40,60,80,100 (NOT 1) and when I set the range to between 0 and 100 it also shows 0. Now what can I do to make it show the numbers like 1,10,20,30, etc ?

    I've read about reimplementing QwtScaleDraw but could find out what exactly to do

    Thank you in advance

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    You should rather ask this question on the Qwt mailing list, you will more likely get a quick answer there.

  • Hi

    Ok, tnx

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