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Custom QtDesigner Plugin loads for QtDesigner but not QtCreator

  • I am still in the process of learning Qt. I've put in about 24 hours so far and am kind of stuck.

    I created 4 different custom widgets inheriting from different Qt objects. (QWidget, QCheckBox, QComboBox, etc...)

    I also created the necessary interfaces to go with these custom widgets. On top of this, I have a custom collection widget. Everything builds with no issues. I copy the *.dll file to QtDesigner's plugin directory and QtCreator's plugin directory, load up a new project in QtDesigner, and play around with my newly created widgets. I have full control over all of my custom widgets.

    My issue is,
    when I actually want to work on my window form's code, I need to load my project into QtCreator. QtCreator is reporting "Cannot load library <insert library location>".

    Note: I've attempted loading individual plugins of my own creation and example plugins provided by Qt. All report the same vague error: "Cannot load library <insert library location>".

    Edit: I am running windows 7 64 bit using Qt 5.2.1MSVC2012 OpenGL 64bit

  • I may have found the issue. QtCreator 3.0.1 Based on Qt 5.2.1 (MSVC 2010 32bit)

    I assumed a MSVC2012 compiled QtCreator would come with the MSVC2012 64bit download...

    Was this an incorrect assumption?

  • Re. mixing MSVC2010 and MSVC2012, I don't think that's the issue, you can mix .DLLs from them in the same program. But what about mixing 32-bits and 64-bits DLLs, maybe that's the problem.

  • I figured this was the problem because i'm building my widgets as 64bit but QtCreator is 32bit. I'm assuming this is why my widgets won't load

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Indeed Qt Creator's/Designer's plugin must be built with the same compiler used to build Qt Creator/Designer.

    It's the same rule as for Qt -> always match the compiler.

    Currently, the only way to ensure you have both using the same Qt is to build Qt Creator yourself

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