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QtNetwork and enet library

  • Hello,

    My problem is I have an application which is using "enet" library to communicate through network. I'm developping an operator app, working as a server and written in Qt/Qml, which wil have to communicate with the first application. I would like to know if I can use QtNetwork for my operator/server app to manage connections, messages sending towards the first application ? Or will I be forced to use Enet library on the operator side ?

  • I'm not familiar with enet, quickly looking it up it seems to be a UDP library. I can't see any reason why you couldn't used the QtNetwork Stack, you would just need to make sure you are using a UDP socket, and of course both ends are speaking the same data format. Depending on what platforms you are using, you also need to make sure each end is expecting the same endianness.

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