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Creator 3.0.1 for Windows, new install: Build operations Disabled (Windows 7, VS 2010).

  • This is a really basic question, but I just can't find any information about this.

    I've built Qt 5.2.1 from source on Windows 7 with Visual Studio 2010 SP1, 64-bit, debug and release. And I've downloaded Qt Creator 3.0.1 installer and was able to create the "hello_qt_quick_ui" project for Qt Quick 1.1. (The Digia tutorial I'm trying to go through is for Qt Quick 1: "Introduction to Application Development with Qt Quick, Release 1.0").

    All of the build operations under the "Build" menu are DISABLED, as is Debug >> Start Debugging. (So, of course, pressing CTRL-R does nothing).

    Under Tools >> Options >> Build & Run >> Compilers, I see two items under Auto-detected:

    Microsoft Visual C++ Compiler 10.0 (x86) / Type: MSVC

    Microsoft Visual C++ Compiler 10.0 (amd64) / Type: MSVC

    ... but I don't see any operations on those items to "activate" them or anything.

    What am I missing? And is there a webpage describing how to SET UP Qt Creator (for VS 2010 compiler) which addresses this basic issue? Thank you in advance.

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    See "Adding Qt Versions": to tell Qt Creator where to find the Qt binaries

    Finally, see "Adding Kits": to tell Qt Creator how to combine your compiler with the Qt binaries.

    After that, you need to tell your project to use your new Kit:

    Open your project in Qt Creator

    Click on "Projects" on the left

    Add your new kit

  • [ JKSH, thank you! Some of that was exactly what I needed to do. ]

    Creator DID automatically detect my installed MSVC compilers (as listed in my prior post).

    But no Debuggers were auto-detected. And I don't know what debugger to manually configure. On the Options ... Debuggers tab, the "Add" panel wants a file path. What am I looking for? I'm using Visual Studio 2010 (Professional).

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    You have to install Microsoft's Debugging Tools. "Here": is the starting page

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