QProgressBar vertical text direction not reflecting with custom stylesheet

  • Hi
    I am using vertical progressbar and wrote a stylesheet to it. after applying stylesheet vertical text direction is changing to horizontal.

    How to make that remain same as vertical after applying stylesheet.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Hello and welcome to devnet,

    to identify your problem: does your vertical progressbar look right before applying the stylesheet - means: is the text positioned the way you want?

  • Hi Clochydd,
    Thanks for replay.

    [quote author="clochydd" date="1394356673"] is the text positioned the way you want?[/quote]
    Yes. Its positioned in right place, in center, horizontally, vertically.

    I am able to change its position through stylesheet, by applying "text-align: ", but can't achieve text direction.

  • Hi criticalboot, I haven't worked with the progressbar + stylesheet yet but I am interested in finding a solution for your problem. If you give me a few days I will try to find a combination of progressbar and stylesheet, providing the vertical orientation of text, too.

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