[SOLVED] project compiles with debug and not with release

  • Hello guys,

    i have a funny thing, i built a project under MAC and then opened it in windows, continues its programming and once it is finished, i am trying to run as a release but it does not work with an access violation error

    My main is
    int main(int argc, char *argv[])
    //QApplication a(argc, argv);
    translate a(argc,argv);
    //load translations
    qDebug() << "start";
    a.loadTranslations(":/tr/lang"); // load translation files from resources
    qDebug() << "start2";

    Under release, it prints "start" but not "start2"

    In the build setting i use QT 4.8.0 and QT 4.8.1
    Toolchain : MS visual c++ compiler x86
    qmake: qmake.exe login.pro -r -spec win32-msvc2010 "CONFIG+=release"

    Any Idea?

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    What backtrace are you getting ?

  • I found now that if i try to load translation files from the resource, it does not work with a release ... However, if i call it from a physical folder, it works ..

    This does not work
    a.loadTranslations(":/tr/lang"); // load translation files from resources

    this works

    Any idea or work around?

    I tried this but it does not work as well
    QString ab=QDir::toNativeSeparators(":/tr/lang");
    a.loadTranslations(ab); // load translation files from resources

  • The file names in the resource are not updated .. I made the resource file within MAC .. then changed it many times and the names it loads in windows are the old file names .. I don't know how to update it ..

    Update2: I deleted the qrc_resource (c++) from the files and it has been solved ...

    SGeist: I have another issue starting or configuring the IFW, could you please help me?

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    Did you also missed updating the qrc file ? If so running qmake after updating the content might help.

    IFW ? Installer Framework ?

  • Compiling solved, but i am lost with Installer framework and dont know where to start ..

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    Since you already have a thread on that topic, it's better to not duplicate the effort here

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