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Android QAudioProbe setSource fails

  • I have to get the audio level and the pitch of a QAudioRecorder with Android.
    But everytime I try audioProbe->setSource(audioRecorder) it returns false.

    I also tried to use QAudioInput, but the QIODevice returns an error and says it only has read-access.

    I thought with Qt 5.2.1 nearly everything of the Qt-Framework is compatible with Android, but it seems QAudioProbe is not?

    Is there any way to get the audio level and pitch from the microphone on Android?

  • Seems there is really no way to do that with Qt?

    Do you think its possible to do that by using native Java-Code with the help of the QAndroidJniObject Class? ( )
    If so, do you know any good example how to use this class?

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