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Versatility of QProcess?

  • Hello,

    I am wondering about the versatility of QProcess. Is QProcess able to execute, terminate, and communicate with any program written in any language or does it just work with other Qt or C++ based apps?
    What are some common uses for QProcess? Does a program started with QProcess run in a separate thread? I am interested in making 'modules' for my web browser that can share information with the rest of the browser but are still 'sandboxed'. Should I be using QProcess?

  • Hi,
    QProcess is able to execute/terminate and communicate to and from a different process.
    The program may be written in any other language you want, if it works as stand alone program it will work in QProcess.
    I believe the process itself starts in a different thread, just as a stand alone program would.
    communication is done via the cin/cout standard input output communication.

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