[Solved] Using WiringPi for Cross Compliation

  • All,

    Has anyone been able to use the wiringPi.h library in their Qt project without having to compile the project on the Raspberry PI itself (ie, cross compiling the program)? I have the libraries installed on the Raspberry Pi, and I have an image of the Raspberry Pi system with wiringPi.h mounted on my system, but when I compile I get the message:

    wiringPi.h: No such file or directory

    Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

  • Thanks for the heads up. I ended up solving the issue though by finding this forum: http://www.raspberrypi.org/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?t=33881&p=289337

    My issue was I didn't have the the following in my .pro file

    INCLUDEPATH += /mnt/rasp-pi-rootfs/usr/local/include
    LIBS += -L/mnt/rasp-pi-rootfs/usr/local/lib -lwiringPi

  • Just small note which can be useful for someone.
    I believe that /mnt/rasp-pi-rootfs/ is path to system root of Raspberry Pi mounted to your system.
    To avoid this hard code it would be better to use:
    INCLUDEPATH += $$[QT_SYSROOT]/usr/local/include
    LIBS += -L$$[QT_SYSROOT]/usr/local/lib -lwiringPi
    In this case even if you mounted Raspberry Pi's root file system to other point it will work correctly.

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