QtSerialPort crosscompile and libudev.

  • QtSerialPort needs libudev.h and ludev to crosscompile for the arm-Linux-gnueabi and we don't want to build the Linux BuildRoot for our target device. (Comes preloaded.) Problem is that udev is no longer a standalone project to be downloaded and cross-compiled. There was a standalone-udev fork in 2012;But that is stale. Any work arounds? I'm trying to build an application with qt-everywhere-opensource-src-4.8.5.

  • Libudev it is not obligatory component. You can build QtSerialPort without libudev. In this case will be automatically is used devices enumeration with use the SysFs or in /dev directory.

  • Newbie question:
    How best to modify the QT Creator project for QtSerialport to not define HAVE_LIBUDEV? Crosscompile it manually?

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