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[PySide] Fusion style

  • I've been trying to use the fusion style with

    Neither of those work. Plastique and cleanlooks work fine. Am I doing something wrong here?

    Also, I meant to post this under Language Bindings, but I have so many tabs open looking for solutions that I was, apparently, in the wrong tab.

  • Are you using Qt5? Fusion is only available from Qt5 onwards, Cleanlooks and Plastique should only be available in Qt4, not Qt5 (maybe with some work and a custom compiled version you circumvented that problem - if so: How did you do it? I miss these two styles.)

    QStyleFactory::keys() lists the available styles. Take a look what's listed in there.

  • I still have the 5.2 web installer that I used. In c:\Qt, I have a 5.2.1 folder, and the readme says "welcome to Qt 5." However, I just checked QtCore.version_info, and it would have me believe that I have 4.8.5 installed. So, it would seem that PySide came with Qt 4 and has been using that. So, I've come to the conclusion that PySide doesn't support Qt 5, which is rather ridiculous, to say the least.

    Edit: the PySide repo states that Qt 5 isn't supported: https://github.com/PySide/pyside-setup

  • As it says "here":http://qt-project.org/wiki/PySide: You are correct, PySide works with Qt4.8, not Qt5. Hence, no Fusion - but Cleanlooks and Plastique instead.

  • Here is my port of Fusion style to Qt 4:
    To build it, you need Qt 4 sources (it uses some internal headers) and a C++ compiler, of course.

    Cleanlooks and Plastique should only be available in Qt4, not Qt5
    Btw, plastique & cleanlooks for Qt 5.2 is available as separate plugins:

  • Looks good, mtrch. Bookmarked.

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