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QFileDialog changes the application font on red hat linux 5.4 when it launch

  • Hello ,

    I have launch the QFileDialog from my application on Linux machine to browse the folder selection. i am using qt 4.8.0 version. when i launch the QFileDialog to select folder on linux machine through my application, it changes the font of my application. below is code snippet
    QFileDialog filedialog (parent_widget,"Select File",dir, filter);
    filedialog.setCaption ("Select File");
    filedialog.setViewMode (QFileDialog::Detail);

    here once filedialog.exec() executed it changes the font of my application.

    is anybody know this issue?


  • Is anybody know this issue ?
    i am stuck at this problem

  • Can anybody help me to resolve this issue?

  • I have the same problem. I am using RHEL 5.10 and Qt 4.8.5. With help from Qt support, we finally came up with a couple of workarounds yesterday.

    1. Run the KDE desktop instead of gnome
    2. Keep using the gnome desktop but run the program with the additional option "-style cleanworks", or any style other than gtk.

    RHEL5 is not a supported platform for Qt 4.8, so, they are not willing to look for a code change, but at least they did help find these workarounds.

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