Qt 5.2.1 mouse cursor on linuxfb

  • Hi everyone ,
    even I added "evdevmouse" I can still mouser cursor on screen also windows has no toolbox(minimize,restore down-maximize,close) like 4.8 on 5.2.

    I also give log of application . what can be cause of that problem?

    Thank you.


  • If you mean the title bar and related window decoration then no, it won't be available on platforms like linuxfb or eglfs. These platforms do not have a windowing system so doing desktop-style multiple-window applications is just wrong. This does not mean that you cannot use multiple top-level widgets, it's just that the application UI design is expected to take the embedded nature of the environment into account.

    Qt4 was different since it had its own embedded windowing system environment in form of QWS. In the modern world the closest equivalent would be Wayland.

    See http://doc-snapshot.qt-project.org/qt5-dev/embedded-linux.html for details.

    The lack of the mouse cursor (if I understood correctly) is more of a problem. Is /dev/input/event1 really the correct device?

  • yes event1 is correct device I can press buttons with luck and guessing without mouse cursor.

  • Oh you mean the mouse input works but there is no mouse cursor drawn? That's odd...

  • Yes I meant it definately
    [quote author="agocs" date="1394034797"]Oh you mean the mouse input works but there is no mouse cursor drawn? That's odd...[/quote]

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