Unresolved External Symbol

  • Hello my dear friends
    let me start from the beginning
    I simply made two project in qt on FEDORA first one was a C++ Share library and the second one was a console application and by using add exernal library of qt project I added first project to second one it was very simple and every things worked fine but now when I want to port this application to windows 7 and by doing same task i get unresolved external symbol

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    What symbols are missing ? Do you have all dependencies available ?

    Also, what version of Qt are you using ? Which compiler ?

  • tnx for response
    in linux it is gcc and in windows 7 it is Microsoft windows sdk for windows 7
    my qt version is 5.1
    yes as i have wrote there is no other dependency only 2 project

  • So what symbols are missing ? Can you give us full error text? Where are those symbols from? From your external library? If they are, please show us code where you loading your library

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