Need free dot-bar interactive chart API for commercial project

  • until today I was really enjoying QCustomPlot, a C++ library based on the Qt framework for drawing charts. I actually only needed a dot-bar chart which turned useless many features of QCP.
    But anyway, here's my problem: commercial project. The project I'm working on is going to be commercial and I would have to buy a commercial license for QCP. I sent an email to the author of QCP but I had no reply yet, which makes me think I'll be going nowhere with QCP without buying a commercial license. As a zero-budget programmer, I have no intention on spending money. Even if I was to buy anything though, the problem still persists as I really have no money to spend for any license; my situation is of a university student who barely manages to get to the end of the month with the few bucks my parents give me.

    So, question is, do you know any free (free like "no cost") library for drawing dot-bar charts? If it is a C++ API it's fantastic, even more if it's Qt-based, but at this point I'm looking to web-related content as well which I could integrate in my app via QtWebKit or so. I found this website:
    there are many libraries available there, but most of them are released under GPL license only or I should buy a commercial license.
    Thanks in advance to anyone :)

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    Does "qwt": have it?

    P.S. Pardon my ignorance, but what's a dot-bar chart?

  • That's what I meant with a dot-bar chart:

    I forgot to mention that I'd like to avoid qwt since that's a way too huge library for my purposes, it would make my application heavy to redistribute. But thank you for your suggestion ;)

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    I guess if you can convince the developer of a lightweight plotting library to release their library under the LGPL, you'd be good to go ;)

    P.S. The correct name is "line graph". A "bar graph" is something completely different. (I don't think there are any official "dot graphs", as many different kinds of graphs can contain dots)

  • I found gnuplot on sourceforge and it seems it's licensed "freeware" like free-for-all-uses but redistributing modified versions of it (which I don't think I'll need to do). But I actually can't really understand if the license allows usage for commercial projects or not. Could someone read the License and the Copyright notice and tell me precisely if I'm allowed to? They're very few lines of human-readable text, but I may misinterpret their meaning

    FAQ (read 1.6 and 1.7)
    copyright notice

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