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How to make a QCheckBox box is bigger?

  • Greetings.

    I'm using a QCheckBox in my application, but I think the box is very small.
    How I can make the box is bigger?

    Thanks in advance for any help and/or suggestions.

  • Hi, you may use styleSheet and the ::indicator subcontrol to assign your own .png for all states of QCheckBox

  • I believe indicator is the checkmark, not the box itself.
    I think (though I haven't tried it) that setIcon() will change the box.

  • Though it sounds like the checkmark, it's the box itself:
    QRadioButton {
    spacing: 5px;
    QRadioButton::indicator {
    width: 13px;
    height: 13px;
    QRadioButton::indicator:unchecked {
    image: url(:/style/radioNcheck.png);

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