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[Suggestion] Work in progress topic in the Showcase forum

  • Hey,

    what do you think about a sticky topic in the showcase forum for projects that are in a very early state? A work in progres (WIP)-topic?

    I guess there are some projects out there which are not done yet but of which are pictures available to show. For that purpose a WIP-topic could be a good chance to get a little feedback on projects while they are not ready to be presented completely yet...

    What do you think?

  • I would vote for an forum (inside Showcase) with an topic for each "WIP" project, and also this would be a great way to find partners to join an interesting project.

    The topics can later be moved to Showcase, when the projects get out of beta.

  • I cannot see the benefit of a sticky topic yet. What would be the content of that?

    The showcase forum only contains 45(!) topics at all, I think a subforum would be plain overkill at the moment.

    As I understand it, the showcase forum is not only for primetime ready projects, you can present everything you have, get feedback, look for co-workers and so on.

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