Little open source. what to add

  • Today I met problem averaging QRgb in vector
    As a result a made qColorManipulation repo on GitHub
    I need your help
    Do you have any pain/suggestions which else i can add to this project?
    It seems to me goal of this repo is to assist with problems related to image processing´╗┐
    I am a student, so I just want practice a little
    p.s. can you advice me another good qt open source project I can contribute ?

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    I would say you should change your mindset for starters. You shouldn't start a project, add some functionality, and only then think of what it actually will do.
    You should rather set a goal for yourself and then shape everything to reach that goal. Write some statements on a piece of paper like: my library is targeted for this and that, it's meant to be used by these and those. The scope of functionality should be this and whatnot.

    I'm sorry to be a little downer, but just take a look at this from another perspective - let's say someone suggest you add some large image processing algorithm. Your library is inconsistent from the very beginning in that case because the function you have there is not suitable for large data sets (huge floating point precision problems with that algo).

    As for the opensource project to contribute - again, think of what you would like to do first, then go to any open source holder like sourceforge and use the keywords to search. Visit any forums etc. of projects you're interested in and ask around.
    Seriously - only you know what you would like to do. Good luck out there ;)

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