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School Report creator Project

  • I want to develop a Qt application that keeps records of school data of students marks. it later computes reports and prints the reports. Can anybody help me on which features of Qt to explore.

  • Hmm, This post is a bit generic. What do you need, what do you want, how do you want the user to interact with your program?
    Sorry, this post is unanswerable.
    Just some quick remarks:
    The data might be placed in a SQL database? There is a good SQL model class to interact with it. This together with a well developed Model/View inside a good GUI will solve most problems. Then some toolbars around for inserting extra students / change grades / add grades or get result.

  • Hii,
    Qt provides a rich amount of classes to work.
    You need to explore various modules of Qt Framework.
    According to your need in the project, you have to choose,
    First of all try to get simple idea of :
    How to use Qt modules whether it is your QtCore,QtGui,QtSql etc.
    hope it helps.

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