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Custom Mime types in Qt 5 for Clipboard support -- no longer can subclass QWindowsMime

  • In Qt 4.8.4, my team wrote some subclasses of QWindowsMime and QMacPasteboardMime to add custom MimeType support to the Clipboard. In Qt 5.2, this extensibility seems to have been removed. The classes are no longer exported and the converter class just has a hardcoded list on Windows. The qwindowsmime.cpp file, though, still has the comment:

    By instantiating subclasses of QWindowsMime that provide conversions
    between Windows Clipboard and MIME formats, you can convert
    proprietary clipboard formats to MIME formats.

    Can someone tell me how this is now supported. It doesn't seem like this would have simply been totally deleted but I can't find anything explicit anywhere.


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    That's an interesting point you are bringing. Since the code as been moved to the their platform plugins, you would have to link them to the specific plugins which is not recommended since they can change (being not part of the public API).

    You should consider opening a bug report "here": explaining your use case. Also please provide a minimal compilable example (with a dummy but testable QWindows/MacPasteboard) that shows the situation.

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