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  • I am working on a pretty big project and I didn't find a solution which completely convinced me to organize the files.

    The issue is to organize the src files into subfolders.
    I started to have 2 folders one for the GUI one for the CORE but I do have too many files now and it is a big mess. Do you think grouping by functional blocks could be a bad idea (thus, not separating the GUI files from the CORE files)?

    src :

    , etc ...

  • It can be whatever works for you. However, it is often a good idea to "encapsulate" different functional groups as it makes it easier for someone un-familiar with your code base to workout what is going on. For examples you only have to look at the Qt libraries themselves to see how they have sub-foldered (not sure that is a word?) the project.


    It is often the choosing what is a functional group that is the trick! :o
    What groups do you have?

  • Yeah I completely agree with you about the fact that the challenge is to find the good groups :D
    It's a music desktop app, I have a composition tab, each tab contains atreeWidget with instruments, a note vizualizer, a player, etc ...
    For example I needed 15 classes just for the treeWidget (by subclassing all the Qt Widgets that I needed, it is growing very quick ...)
    My code is very OO and the best representation is clearly a Tree but its is not convenient to organize folders in a big tree.

  • Then you can just do the top level folder (or at most top two levels). I usually, even for large projects, try to keep just one level of depth. More then that and you start to lose clarity rather then gain it!

    Again, the Qt example is a good one. It generally has only one level of depth, but it has very many functional groups (I believe linux and other large projects are more-or-less then same).

    So its ok to have a treeWidget group with 15 (or even 100) files in it.

    As an example from what I have read, you could have:

    • ui/ - Contains just the forms/windows in the UI - i.e. just the bits that the user actually interfaces with
    • atreeWidget/ - with all its files
    • anotherWidget/ - just an example
    • player/ - all the items needed for the player

    etc... each group can have many files/classes but name them well, so you can have sub-group name schemes, e.g. under player (I am making it up):

    • player/encoderAmr.cpp
    • player/encoderPcm.cpp
    • player/decoderAmr.cpp
    • player/decoderPcm.cpp


  • thank you code_fodder is looks good like this :)

  • np :)

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