Qsettings not working on BB10 Q10 device

  • Hello,

    I recently got back into coding for the BB10. I am trying to get an existing application I have working on my Q10 device, everything is working great except for QSettings, its not restoring the settings. The same configuration works on everything else my Qt app works on, including the playbook...
    I set up the Qsettings in main.cpp as per usual.
    Is anybody else having issues with this?
    Here is a small example. "settingsTestBB10":http://www.mediafire.com/download/5uz8oacao2ck547/settingsTest.zip
    Thanks for any help provided!



  • It seems Qsettings is broken on bb10.
    If you remove the path info from the set @settings.setPath(QSettings::NativeFormat, QSettings::UserScope, str);@ and the setOrganizationName and domain from main.cpp it only works for one variable at a time. However storing groups is broken, example:
    @ settings.beginGroup("tankVol");
    settings.setValue("ori", ui->cbTankVol->currentIndex());
    settings.setValue("inch", ui->cbInch->currentIndex());
    settings.setValue("height", ui->dblSpinHight->value());
    settings.setValue("dia", ui->dblSpinDiameter->value());
    settings.setValue("circ", ui->cbCirc->currentIndex());
    settings.setValue("length", ui->dblSpinLength->value());
    settings.setValue("cone", ui->dblSpinConeDepth->value());
    settings.setValue("result", ui->lblTankVolume->text());
    Only the topmost variable in the list will be stored and the rest get ignored... Making me crazy...

  • I filed a bug:

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