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What memory consumption diagnostic are available in Qt 5 ?

  • Is there a way in Qt to get total memory allocated ?
    In my pure c++ project I used something like this:

    @unsigned int memory_balance = 0;

    void *operator new( unsigned int n )
    void *vp = malloc( n );
    if ( vp != NULL ) memory_balance += _msize( vp );

    void operator delete( void *vp )
    memory_balance -= _msize( vp );
    ::free( vp );

    But in Qt it seems like it successfully capture new operator
    calls but it does not capture delete operator calls for the same
    memory pointers, which is not what I see in Task Manager
    where it states that memory is released correctly.

    Is there any better way to capture Qt's memory balance ?

    Task Manager and similar tools are not the answer since
    they report whole process balance which is not precise

    If you know exact location in Qt's source where all
    allocations go through, that would be really great also.

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