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Remote compiler and DEPLOYMENT in .pro for embedding files in .sys

  • Hello,

    I'm trying to play a sound on N8 with QSound, embedding a .wav in the .sis as per
    and I'm using the Remote Compiler (from Nokia Qt SDK running on linux).

    The resulting .sis installs and runs fine, but sound is not played, and the .sis does not seem to have my .wav embedded (.wav is 41k, .sis is 13k).

    Should this work?

    Isn't there a way of just playing a sound configured in the user's Tone Profiles (for example, play the "Message Alert Tone", or "Ring Tone", as configured by the user in the active profile)? Or at least to reference one of the default tones which come with the phone ("Alarm 1", "Clock Alert 1", etc), so there is no need to embed a .wav in the .sis?


  • Ok, still couldn't make sounds, but found the default tones under
    The Phonon example in the Nokia SDK (although it does not play sounds on my N8) does a nice job exposing the hidden drives and directories in the N8 filesystem.


  • alright, made it work with QSound, using one of the default .aac tones in the Z: drive.


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