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Deploy and dll's

  • Hi all,

    I'm developing a project which has two mobile applications.
    I want to testing it but when I try to deploy the second application MS-Studio 2008 launches the error "enough space". I guess that it is because all libraries or dll are copying two times, one time per application.

    What is the way to copy the libraries or dll only one time and call from the two applications?

    The libraries are "msvcr90d.dll", "QtCored4.dll" and "QtGuid4.dll". Is not there any path where copy these files only one time?

    Sergi BC

  • I try to copy these libraries in \Windows path and it works.

    But is it a good sollution?

    So, how will I deploy the entire project?

  • Hi Sergi, (I think this should belong to the "General and Desktop" section?)

    Maybe this is not the ideal solution, but for the Qt programs we develop for the company's internal use, we have all required dlls copied together in a "\Program Files\QtProgs" directory, with the executables themselves. I also send out the dlls to be installed in the same dir as the executable when I have to send programs to someone else, to avoid version conflicts (if you have Qt programs in the PC using different Qt versions, which one would be at \Windows?).

    I also noticed you have Qt*d.dll, the "d" meaning you are compiling with the "debug" target. If you are not using the debugger, compile to "release" to get faster/smaller results.



  • Thank you very much for your reply.

    I'm new in Qt and didn't know the difference betten Qt*.dll and Qt*d.dll, THANKS!

    I wrote this post in this section because I was refering to copy dll on the mobile devices. So, do you recommend me to install two applications in the same path with all dll's needed?

    Best regards!

  • Hi Sergi,

    Sorry, I hadn't realized the mobile devices you mentioned ran windows CE/Mobile. When you mentioned MS-Studio and the dlls I thought you were targeting a desktop for testing the apps.

    If you are developing for Symbian^3, at least the N8 already comes with Qt 4.6.3, so when you install the .sis you created, it will find all needed libraries on the phone.

    If you are developing for S60, it is necessary to install the Qt runtime libraries from a separate .sis (which may be done by the Smart Installer ).

    I never installed on Win Mobile/WinCE, but yes, it seems the recommended procedure is to have the dlls in the same folder as the executables (this is mentioned in the "Running the Application" at )

    Best regards,

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