Help: How to design/edit the "push button" slot(e.g. scan())

  • Hello smart guys:
    1)I have installed some "the command line" platforms on Fedora 19(x86_64)
    2)Those platforms with some "command" could scan the system.
    3)I have installed the latest Qt creator.
    4)I find the push button widget in Qt designer, and I hope that I would use it as the "scan" behavior.
    Should I import or edit the new one slot on such button widget?
    How to do it?
    Thank you gratefully

  • Have a look at the "wiki article about using QPushBUtton": Implement your scanning functionality to a slot and connect it to the released signal of the button.

  • **Execuse me,sir:
    I am a newbie for it.
    Could you provide the detailed example or method to implement the scan operation on the QPushBUtton ?
    My schema are as following:

    1. open the terminal
    2. perform scan : keyin "command parameter --output result.file source.file" under the prompt on the terminal
    3. How to convert the 2ndQustion to the button
    4. that is. connect(button, signal(clicked()), slot, scan())
    5. source.file path-->"button" , and then press "the button" to start to scan

  • In general it is not a good idea to run an external application through another app but you can do this in "Qt using class QProcess and its method start":
    QProcess process;

    As an optional second argument you can specify arguments that should be passed the to the command. So in general you can bind a slot that executes the command to the signal emitted by the button.

    I repeat again that in general running an external application/command through Qt app is not recommended and it is better to implement everything inside you app.

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