Simple qdebug question

  • Hello guys,

    i need to change the normal qdebug()<<"test" into a function which indicates the debug level and compiles if only debugmode is set,
    Something like the following
    #ifdef DEMODEBUG
    if (DebugLevel==2){qDebug()<<"test";}
    I should call the function the same way as normal but with debug level between brackets in order to simplify editing ..
    qDebug(3)<<"test level";

    I don't know if it is possible to do .. how would the function header look like? .. help is appreciated, thanks

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    Have a look at qCDebug() instead of qDebug() :)

  • this does not help .. QCDebug is a logging mechanism and not what i need .. how should i use it to represent loglevel?

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    qDebug() is a logging mechanism too. qCDebug() is just a more powerful version of qDebug().

    You asked for a way to set debug levels with less code than your first post. Well, logging-categories let you do that.

    Q_LOGGING_CATEGORY(DBG_LVL1, "dbg_lvl1")

    #define D1ENABLED true

    int main()
    // This line only needs to be called once.
    // You can then use qCDebug(DBG_LVL1) in your whole app.

    qCDebug(DBG_LVL1)  << "test";
    return 0;

    You will get an output if D1ENABLED is true. Otherwise, you won't get an output.

  • thank you, it seems much easier now.. I will give it a try
    but how about not being compiled if no debug is requested ???

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