Application crash after updating Qt

  • I created a application using Qt 5.1.1 few weeks ago, and ran it fine on the client's computer. After that, I updated my Qt to 5.2.1, updated my application, rebuild it. I took the new .dll's from Qt5.2.1 folder, and tried to ran it in the client computer -> the application crashed.

    I then tried to use the dll's I used for the 5.1.1 version, and it runs fine with those. Now I don't feel good leaving it like that though, as this might cause a problem?

    I think I didn't do the updating correctly. After opening my project after the update, Qt Creator asked me to reconfigure the project, and I did: It now says Kit: Desktop Qt 5.2.1 MinGW 32bit. I ofcourse did Clean, Qmake etc after that. But is it still somehow possible it's using the 5.1.1 sources (I didn't delete them, as I need them for now for my other projects)?

    I'm developing on Windows platform.

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    It might be different things. Does your application crash at startup ? After your client does something special ?

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