Screen Management

  • Hello everyone,

    I would like to know what can I do to have a screen management for my desktop application in QML.

    In Qt "classic", I used the QStackedWidget to store different screen and a singleton ScreenManager to show/hide them when I had to. I think that my screens in Qt "classic" are now some QML files. I imagine something like this :

    • introScreen.qml
    • mainMenuScreen.qml
    • mainAppScreen.qml
    • etc...

    For now, when I start my application, a "main.qml" file is loaded and his content is displayed. I would like to know :

    • how to switch between the different "qml screen" in C++
    • if I can access to qml object of a particular screen, even if it's not displayed
    • how can I know which screen is currently displayed

    I hope I've been clear with my explanations and that someone has an example of such structure for a desktop application :)

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