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Can not run the simple QML program gettingStartedQml

  • I'm running Qt 5.2.1 (Qt Creator 3.0.1) on Mac 10.8.5. The documentation tells me to first build the C++ plugin using @qmake@

    and then @make@

    So first, using @qmake@

    in the filedialog directory gives me the following error message

    @Project MESSAGE: Warning: unknown QT: qml@

    I'm new to Qt/QML and just started (3 weeks ago) to learn QML.

    Thanks for any help/advise


  • Ok, found my issue.

    Guided by this post (http://qt-project.org/forums/viewthread/22510/), I found out that my mac was using the wrong default qmake (a version for Qt 4.8). By removing it and replacing by the new 5.2 qmake worked.

    Hope that will help someone else.


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