QMediaPlayer supported mime types

  • Hello all,
    I've started to use the QMediaPlayer class on Qt 5.2.1 and I believe there are a few things missing.
    If I call
    I get an empty QStringList. (tried on Linux and Windows)
    The documentation says it's a deprecated API but it doesn't say which one to use.
    My guess is that the only way right now is using "hasSupport", but I don't understand the convenience of it.

    Should an application guess all the audio/video mime types in the world and tries all the combinations with all the existing audio/video codecs ?
    Sounds like a very uncomfortable way to retrieve information that the default audio/video provider can clearly provide (gstreamer, directshow, etc..) in a better way.

    Any suggestion ?


  • In windows, Most probably it supports only .wmv files.

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