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Cross compiling QT application for Atmel SAMA5D3 Board

  • Hi experts,
    We have setup the development environment for cross compiling using QT sdk

    For creating QT application, we have installed QT creator, and created New Project for "QT Quick" and we have choose the following option,
    "Select QT quick component set" with "Qt Quick 2.0"
    Next it asked for "Kit Selection" and on clicking options, we were not able to configure to cross compile for "Atmel SAMA5D3".

    Please help us how we can proceed on this or any other alternative solutions will be much more helpful.

    Our goal is to create simple qt application like just to display "Hello world" on LCD for Atmel SAMA5D3

    Thanks in advance,

  • No one interested in this post? I have the same question. And more generally, will be possible to develop application with Qt Creator and then cross compile from host pc to the the target boards?

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Timesys providing the complete SDK for this board, I would recommend asking them directly, they are the more knowledgable about that matter.

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