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Selecting a QGraphicsItem in a QGraphicsScene in a QGraphicsView in QT Designer

  • Hi QT Gurus,

    I have a Designer plugin inherited from QGraphicsView.

    In the QT Designer form editor, is it possible to select a QGraphicsItem in a QGraphicsScene in a QGraphicsView in so you can move it around in the designer?

    I know it is possible to do this in run time, but in the Designer, it always selects the QGraphicsView, not the QGraphicsItem within the QGraphicsScene within the QGraphicsView. i.e. you can only movie the QGraphicsView around not the QGraphicsItem child item.

  • AFAIK, you cannot place QGraphicsItem objects with Qt Designer. There aren't even in the palette :)

  • You can wrap a QGraphicsItem around a QGraphicsView which can then be put in a Qt Designer plugin.

    I know that works, but my question is how to select the QGraphicsItem which is in the QGraphicsView in the QT designer. I had a look at the QT designer source code and it seems it eats the mousemovevent and some others so the plugin doesn't receive them in the designer. They do receive them as normal in runtime though.

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