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  • Hi everybody i have a problem with my QT compiler .
    it's show a error that's : no compiler can produce code for this qt version !
    i have Qt-Creator 5.2.1

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    Hi, and welcome to the Qt Dev Net!

    Like the error message says, you need to install a compiler that matches the version of Qt you have.

    Qt Creator is an IDE, not a compiler

    "5.2.1" does not fully describe your Qt version. From , you can see many different versions of Qt for Windows:

    • Qt 5.2.1 32-bit, MinGW 4.8
    • Qt 5.2.1 32-bit, VS 2010
    • Qt 5.2.1 64-bit, VS 2012
    • etc.

    Which one did you install?

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    You need the compiler that matches the Qt version you downloaded. Unfortunately compilers on windows are incompatible with each other (and also different versions of themselves). You will need either MSVC of some specific version or Mingw. I assume you downloaded a MSVC built of Qt for some specific version of MSVC, as the Mingw Qt does contain a matching compiler.

    We can unfortunately not redistribute the Microsoft compilers, so those are available separately from the microsoft website (they are available free of charge as part of the windows SDK or Visual studio express AFAIK). Please make sure you get exactly the version Qt was built with!

    You might want to also get the Microsoft debugging tools, if those are not part of the WinSDK you downloaded (IIRC WinSDK7 did not contain them, the newer versions do). That is the debugger necessary to debug applications build with MSVC.

  • Fixed ... thanks

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