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Howto create QTVersion for Cross-compiling for ARM

  • I've downloaded and setup QTCreator 5.2.1 for Windows. I'd like to cross-compile application for ARM using QT. I have GCC compiler for ARM, it works fine in Windows (the GCC is a part of Xilinx SDK).

    There is only one QT Version named "QT 5.2.1 MSVC2012 64bit" in Tools > Options > Build & Run > Qt Versions (Autodetected).

    As I understand I must create new QT Version for ARM and add it to Qt Versions. Must I recompile qmake.exe, and how to do it, if so? Or how to do cross-compiling???

    All docs I read say how to add new QT Version, but nothing about how to *create *it.

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    You need to download Qt source code (tarball) and compile it yourself. Here is some "info": on crosscompiling. Here is even more "detailed info": on how to build Qt (skip the git part if you are using the tarball)

  • sierdzio, do you mean that I must rebuild entire QTCreator?

    May be my question is not quite cleaк... I need QTCreator working in Windows, and compile applications for ARM, using existing, working GCC (not MinGW-based).

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    You do not need to recompile Qt Creator, you need a Qt that can actually run on your arm chip. To get that you will most likely need to recompile Qt.

  • Tobias Hunger, why the QT must run on ARM chip?
    Is it possible to compile applications on my PC? It is a ordinary cross-compilation, isn't it?

    I don't need any specific QT libraries, I need only standard C libraries.

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