Problem with QPixmap

  • Hello everyone, my name is Nanouk and I am trying to developp a game

    for the lobby of the game I need to make a mask in a specific color on an image, I tried everything possible and came out with this :

    QPixmap pix("images/radioButtonEmpty.png");

    but the specific color isn't transparent at all.

    Also I have a problem with my pixmaps, the ones I define with the UI Form only show when I compile and execute in QT Creator and the ones I define as Code doesn't show. But when I go in the file and launch the .exe , it's the EXACT opposite, labels of the ui don't show and the ones define by code are displayed.

    I would really like you guys to help me, since im new to this forum.

  • Hi,
    The colour may also be set with a alpha setting if I'm not mistaken.
    The second problem is almost unanswerable. Without code we can only guess to where a mistake was made.

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