Clicked() signal triggered by return key when a spin box has focus

  • Hello all,

    I have a GUI that has many different widgets on it including mainly QPushButton, QDoubleSpinBox and QCheckBox. Basically i want the slot i set up associated with a clicked() signal from a push button to execute only when the button is pressed. However the behaviour i am getting is when say a spinner has focus and the return key is hit the same slot for the button is executed, suggesting to me that a clicked() signal has been triggered. Below is some test code which demonstrates this behaviour, it just has a button and a spinner on UI.

    @class TestForm : public QDialog {
    virtual ~TestForm();
    public slots:
    void Button_clicked();
    Ui::TestForm widget;

    @#include "TestForm.h"

    TestForm::TestForm() {
    // Connect to SLOT

    TestForm::~TestForm() {

    void TestForm::Button_clicked()

    What confuses me is that a spinner as far as i can see does not even have a clicked() signal? So my question is can i stop this behaviour in some way? I went down the road of mapping without any sucess.

    Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Cheers.

  • I had the button set to autoDefault = true.

    I see what you mean, probably should have read the documentation more closely.

    All sorted now, many thanks.

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