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Setting the URL when a new tab is made

  • Hello everyone,

    I am having some trouble (like always) with my browser. My browser has a class named mainView and another called browseTab. mainView contains a QTabWidget that contains a browseTab. browseTab contains a QWebView called webView. in my mainView class I have a slot that adds a new tab:

    @void mainView::newTab()
    tabWidget->addTab(new browseTab(this), tr("Search"));

    the newTab() slot is called from within browseTab, this works fine, but I would like to have another parameter when creating a new browseTab. I would like to be able to specify the URL of the webView inside the browseTab. Something like:

    @void mainView::newTab()
    tabWidget->addTab(new browseTab(this, 'URL'), tr("Search"));

    This way I can call the newTab slot and create a new tab with a browseTab containing a webView that automatically loads a certain URL.

    here is the constructor for browseTab:

    @browseTab::browseTab(QWidget *parent) :

    And here is where newTab() is called from within browseTab:

    @connect(NewTabAction, SIGNAL(triggered()), mainView_object_pointer, SLOT(newTab()));@

    I would like it so that I can specify a URL in the connect() function (located in browseTab) and have it create a new tab with a specific URL.

    code solutions would be great!


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