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Calling slots between classes where one class is not the parent

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    I am wondering how I can call a slot from a different class when the class with the slot is not necessarily the parent. I have a bunch of classes that have parents in this order:
    mainWindow-->mainWidget-->tabWidget-->browseTab. basically mainWindow is the parent of mainWidget which is the parent of tabWidget, etc. How can I have a button in browseTab, that, when pressed, calls a slot in mainWindow. I know how to make it call a signal in its parent class (tabWidget), but I am stuck on how to make it call a slot in its 'grandparent' or 'great grandparent' classes. Thanks!

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    There are a few different ways you can do this:

    1) Chain signals together:
    This example shows how to propagate a signal
    from a BrowseTab button to a MainWidget.

    It follows Qt naming conventions:
    Class names start with an uppercase letter,
    variable names start with a lowercase letter.

    // BrowseTab constructor
    this->button = new QPushButton("Special Button");
    connect(button, SIGNAL(clicked()),
    this, SIGNAL(buttonClicked()));

    // TabWidget constructor
    this->browseTab = new BrowseTab(this);
    connect(browseTab, SIGNAL(buttonclicked()),
    this, SIGNAL(browseTabButtonClicked()));

    // MainWidget constructor
    this->tabWidget = new TabWidget(this);
    connect(tabWidget, SIGNAL(browseTabButtonclicked()),
    this, SLOT(doStuff()));

    2) Find a way to pass the pointer of the button up to the MainWidget. Then, call QObject::connect() in the MainWidget to connect the button's signal to the MainWidget's slot.

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