QtSerialPort with static Qt on Mac OS X

  • Hey everyone,

    I finally built Qt5.2.1 statically under Mac OS X. Now I have an application witch needs the serialport module. If I try to build it with my static version of Qt I get "Unknown module(s) in QT: serialport". The module is not present in my static Qt build. I already tried building the serialport module seperately but this does not work. How do I compile Qt5 statically with the serialport module?

    I simply created the static version by
    @./configure -static
    make install@

    Thank you for an advice!

  • I had the same problem. In the qtserialport dir be sure to do the following:

    sudo make install@

    I had forgotten to sudo the third step and wasn't looking at the output too carefully. The install phase needs to put some of the qtserialport library files in /usr/local that qmake is looking for when you try to do qt += serialport.

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