[Suggestion] Details about author or company

  • see this Qt Ambassador "page":http://qt.nokia.com/qt-in-use/ambassadors/project?id=a0F20000006Kf87EAC

    could also be good if a sentence or two about the creator of the showcased app

  • and how about a badge on the forum if you are an ambassador... (i only say this because i want a badge!)

  • Afaik, our ForumQueen is working on a badge framework (or let others work on that :-) ), so when that is finished, there might be some badges for Qt ambassadors.

  • Definetely! Ambassador badges are on the list as well as some other goodies. All I need now is the devs to finsh the implementation and some quality time with our designer. :)

  • @chetankjain: Yes, the intent is for all Qt Ambassadors to put in a line about themselves in their project description. Ambassadors have control of their own secure project portal to enter this information. We will stress that they talk a bit more about themselves. Thanks!

  • @Kbarrios: thanks for the clarification.

  • Indeed! So far it has not been obvious that we were supposed to be talking about ourselves, at least it has seemed that way to me ;) Good stuff! :) Now to figure out how to describe the Gluon team in that sort of way... ;)

  • So this morning I got an email asking that I add a bit of biographical info for my project. The project description is locked, so I added that as an attached note. Is this the preferred way to add that information or is a different procedure preferred?

  • @N3Roaster: Your Bio is now uploaded to the Qt Ambassador Showcase ( featured in your project; Typica). There are several ways for you to submit a bio:

    • You can ask us to unlocking the project description.
    • Reply to the e-mail requesting a bio.
    • Or, as you did, attach a note ( please remember to tell us about it, we don’t get a automatic message regarding new notes).

  • When i got the email i expected there to be a field for the developer bio, but found none... So i made a wild guess and by reading Marianne's comment above, it was a correct guess... But, it would be good to have it made a bit more explicit where that developer description goes :)

  • I was confused about this too, just replied to the email but now I see the thread. I should have checked in here first. I will see about getting something together and attaching a note too. Thanks Marianne!

  • @leinir: No, there is no separate field for the Bio, it features within the project description in the Qt Ambassador Showcase. Sorry for the confusion! I look forward to reading your bio! :-)

  • Its a good initiative so that we can come to know much about the project development,developer and may directly contact them if required for any clarification or help :)

  • Yes. I want to know more information about the developers. Qt Ambassador program should focus not only on exciting projects, but also genius developers.

  • @liangliang: I agree! :-) We have just started the process of collecting bios from Ambassadors. Right now there is around 40 bios uploaded to the showcase ( featured within the project), and our goal is that every project in the showcase should include a bio sometime soon!

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