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Persist custom keyboard shortcuts difficult to achieve for the FormEditor (Qt Designer) plugin

  • Hi, I am using QtCreator 3.0 and Qt 5.2 on my 64-bits Windows 7.1 SP1 machine, and it works fine, except for some custom keyboard shortcuts.

    I've changed to Build command from Ctrl+B to F7 and that stays the same every day.
    But when I change the Preview... in the FormEditor from Alt+Shift+R to Ctrl+T (it's been Ctrl+T in Visual Studio for 20 years and I'm used to it). Ctrl+T works fine that day, but when I start QtCreator next day it's back to Alt+Shift+R :-(

    Of course I can Export my settings to a .kms file and Import it the next day, that will fix my Ctrl+T problem, but it's not the same thing as having it persists automatically like for my F7 command.

    Rgrds Henry

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