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Clean QSettings on Mac OSX 10.9 [SOLVED]

  • I need to clean qsettings when my application is uninstalled, I tried to delete $HOME/Library/Preferences/myDomin.myApp.plist but this does not clean settings, and when I run my application next time it still accesses old one, what else should I delete to clean it?

    Thanks in advance

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    Depending on your version of OS X, you might be currently getting the cached version of the settings (Mavericks is known to have an aggressive caching behavior for that)

    So for that OS you would need to also run:

    @killall -u yourusername cfprefsd@

    In order to "reload" the settings.

    Hope it helps

  • SGaist,

    Yes you are right, I am using Mavericks, and when I killed my cfprefsd it did the magic

    Thanks a lot, I've been struggling with this for too long, your help is very appreciated


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