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MinGW interference with new intallation

  • I have recently installed the latest QT-64 for VSE2012, but a previous installation of MinGW interferes with the new installation. I don't even have that compiler installed anymore, but Qt is dumb enough to have not removed it with its uninstaller. Now the stupidity is stacking one on top of the other, since the new Qt installation accounts for MinGW as part of its tool-chain. Qt's installer is dumb enough not to detect the inexistence of the application and goes on to put it in its tools. The problem did not start with the Installer, the problem started with the uninstaller and the new installer just could not account for the variation.
    Now, how can remove the MinGW38 debugger from Build & Run - Debugger - Path?

    Thanks in advance

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    Qt Creator's GUI needs improvement for the management of kits/Qt-versions/debuggers. In the meantime, you can rename/remove the debugger entry by editing


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