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OpenGL ES build for IGEP or Beagleboard

  • Hello to everyone,

    I'm new to this forum and to QT programming but with vast experience with Linux and C... I've been trying for days to build QT with Open GL support for an IGEP board (almost identical with beagleboard) without any success... Here's my situation:

    I'm using Angstrom (online build) and all the SGX demos run perfectly in both Raw and X11. So, the drivers and libs seem to be installed properly.

    I have built QT 4.6.2 with Open GL ES 2 support without any errors.

    All the QT examples are working perfectly except the ones that use Open GL.

    When I try to run an Open GL ES 2 example, the frame loads but nothing appears in the graphicsview window and I get this error:
    QEglContext::createSurface(): Unable to create EGL surface, error = 0x3001
    nothing else.

    I'm running the examples like this: ./hellogl_es2 -qws -display powervr

    I have /etc/powervr.ini configured correctly ( and the lib is available.

    I have the powervr plugin available and it loads ok.

    Please help ! I'm going crazy here and I have no idea what else to do. I've read all the documentation available and I've tried every single tutorial I could find without any success...

    Thank you in advance,

  • You know ti has build instructions for Qt on their "homepage":

  • I know... As I've said, I've tried every single tutorial I could find and every QT version from 4.5.1 to 4.7.1

    All with the same result :(

  • I had same problem for my board. It was caused by incorrect powervr plugin. The version in Qt sources (4.7.1) is only some reference implementation, but for different board (chip) it doesn't need to work an probably need some patch. I had to ask my board provider at least for right pvr2d.h and wsegl.h. If pvr2d header file doesn't match pvr2d library on your board, it probably will not work.

  • Please read the README inside the below archive, and use the below patch.

    The architecture of the window system has changed with latest SGX drivers. Qt's powervr driver needs an update for this, and this change will be pushed to mainline Qt.

  • Hi.
    I'm using Qt/embedded 4.7.2 on S5PV210 with pvr version is 1.5. I have the right pvr2d.h and wsegl.h for the pvr library.

    cat /proc/pvr/version

    Version (release) s5pc110
    System Version String: SGX540 S5PC110

    Is there another patch for this chip and pvr version?

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