QTableWidgetItem ... The size of the icon ..

  • Hi boy's i am very frustred, i think there is no solution for that but i try to ask ...
    I do many schearches on google, i have try to "strech" row, it doesn't do nothing

    So for explain my problem i start by puting a screen of my app :

    !http://img15.hostingpics.net/pics/410872Capturedu20140205153827.png(my app)!

    I have a label in font who contains the picture with the MAP,
    I have also a QTableWidgetItem usef for colorise the map for make "zones" on the map.

    the problem is : With QTableWidgetItem when you do "SetIcon" the item contain the icon but he have also an espace on the left ...
    you can see it beter on that screen :


    You can see that before the icon there is a "blank" espace ...
    I have set the icon size property i try to expend the size, i also try to expend the size of a row .. the item always contain that blank space ... My icons are 22x22 size ...

    I have also try to use Grid Layouts, it was good (i had not this probem but i had other problems ...), but someone tell me to use QTableWidgetItem in the #qt irc channel ..

    Now i post here because i want to know if exist a technic for remove it .. or not ?
    If not, what would be better for me to use for make my app ?

    thanks for help ..

  • I'd just set the background color instead of abusing an icon to fill a square.

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