Development environment for rapid prototyping

  • Hello,
    i would like to hear your experiences and setups regarding the environment for rapid prototyping.
    Here is what i mean by that:

    Say you have a large project and have to extend it with a single method.
    Its a simple method that can be completely isolated and tested (for this input give this output).
    Since it's a without dependencies I would like to develop it outside from the project, and once it's done just put it back.

    Ideally, I would like to have an interactive shell (like ipython :) ) and develop there.
    Since that doesn't exist (it does, actually, its called Cling, but i can't get it working with C++ not to mention Qt), i would like to hear smart solutions to the situation.

    Do you open a new project to develop the method?
    What when it has some dependencies from the class it belongs to?

    I'm using Qt Creator for development.

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