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[Solved]QDesktopServices::openUrl crashes

  • I have a small application which just starts a local server, waits for a connection and then launches another application.
    Here's the complete source:
    #ifndef SERVER_H
    #define SERVER_H
    #include <QObject>
    #include <QLocalSocket>
    #include <QLocalServer>
    #include <QDesktopServices>
    #include <QDir>
    #include <QUrl>
    #include <QDebug>

    class server : public QObject
    void shutdown();
    QLocalServer* server_;
    private slots:
    void executeIt(){
    QLocalSocket *clientConnection = server_->nextPendingConnection();
    connect(clientConnection, SIGNAL(disconnected()),
    clientConnection, SLOT(deleteLater()));

        QString appPath="file:///"+QDir::currentPath()+"/"+"app.exe";
        qDebug() << appPath;
        emit shutdown();

    explicit server(QObject *parent = 0){
    server_ = new QLocalServer(this);

    #endif // SERVER_H

    #include "server.h"
    #include <QCoreApplication>

    int main(int argc, char argv[])
    QCoreApplication a(argc, argv);
    serv=new server();
    return a.exec();


    The app crashes at line 27. If i remove this line everything works fine. I tried the line below (which is commented), same behaviour.
    I found this, but that couldnt solve the problem:

    The really strange thing is that the appPath which is printed by qDebug is correct (i.e. "file:///C:/path/to/app.exe") and I use the EXACTLY SAME LINE in my rather big app.exe to start this application. So it cannot be the line itself i guess.
    Anyone knows if this is a bug or what is wrong with my code?
    I use Win7, Qt5.2.0-msvc2012-opengl.
    Thank you all :)

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    You are running a Qt Core application, yet you are trying to use a GUI class (QDesktopServices comes from QtGui module). I'm not sure, but that might be the reason.

    Are you using Qt 4 or Qt 5?

  • As i mentioned, I run Qt5 and perhaps thats the problem.
    I just ported from 4 to 5 and in 4, this call wasnt a problem (actually, the function doesnt need a GUI).
    I dont list "gui" in my .pro-File and it compiles, so that seems like a Bug to me.
    I'm not that experienced with reporting Bugs, but I'll do that this evening I guess.

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    core and gui are 2 default modules, just as they were in Qt 4. So it's probably included implicitly for you by qmake. What I have meant is that perhaps you should start a QGuiApplication instead of a QCoreApplication.

    Otherwise, the code looks fine.

  • Ok, I got it now, thank you :)
    I used QApplication and it works. Maybe QGuiApplication does work too, but actually the app should not show up any GUI, so QApplication makes more sense.

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    [quote author="Banshee" date="1391703890"]Ok, I got it now, thank you :)
    I used QApplication and it works. Maybe QGuiApplication does work too, but actually the app should not show up any GUI, so QApplication makes more sense.[/quote]

    Well, that's nice deduction on your part, but it ain't right ;) No worries, though, the names of those classes are misleading. In Qt 5, the QtGui was split into 2 modules: QtWidgets (which contains all the widgets from Qt 4 + some new stuff) and QtGui (which contains only basic "building blocks" of a GUI and is a common base for QtWidgets and QtQuick modules).

    Now, the name "QApplication" was already taken by the QtWidgets: because it needed to be source-almost-compatible with Qt 4. So for the new QtGui a new application class was created: the QGuiApplication.

    So, in short: QGuiApplication, despite it's name, is more "low level" than QApplication.

    Anyway, that is just a detail. I am really happy that it works for you now. Happy coding!

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