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Google Open Automotive Alliance - Android and Qt

  • Qt has established itself comfortably over the Android OS both as an app format or using the Qt Embedded Enterprise platform. However a new very topical and important era is dawning: Automotive Android.
    This comes in the shape of the Google Open Automotive Alliance.

    I would like to know if Digia have any plans to provide tighter / more improved integration with Android and stay up-beat of the possible changes and enhancements to the Android APIs to allow Qt to transfer itself seamlessly into the Automotive market providing the potent combination of QML, Qt and an new "automotive-grade" Android.

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    Qt already is stronly present on the automotive market ;) If you want an answer from Digia, send them an email. This forum is attended mostly by Qt users. If you want an answer from Qt Project as a whole, you can try the development mailing list, but don't expect any consensus :P

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