Online installer broken?

  • Just tried installing Qt 5.2 on two different machines, windows 7 x64 and ubuntu 12.04 x64, and the online installer doesn't seem to work. On linux I get an error "could not download meta information for..." and on windows it is just an endless progress bar "retrieving component information from remote repository" but nothing happens.

    Anyone else getting this problem?

  • Same issue here, I switched to offline installer, but then again it does not apparently contain e.g. enginio

    (of course changing the proxy settings could help...)

  • The situation has now reversed, I get infinite progress bar in linux and in windows I get "bad hash" or something like that error.

  • It worked for me last week. Server problem?

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    It might be related to this:

  • Looks like the issue might be fixed, the installer manage to pull through on my laptop and connect to a repository.

  • It worked for me with Qt 5.2.1.

  • [quote author="utcenter" date="1391618585"]Looks like the issue might be fixed, the installer manage to pull through on my laptop and connect to a repository.[/quote]

    Ops, looks like that was a little premature, 20 min later it doesn't work again. Hopefully those fluctuations are a sign of someone dealing with the problem.

  • Two years on, I'm still seeing it, unfortunately. I suppose this is something that only we in 'the Asia/Pacific region' (which, presumably, is US-speak for Australasia) have to put up with? Does anybody know if the 'Info' link, in the public service announcement JKSH linked to above, is still on that page somewhere?

  • This is Happening to me right this second!

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    You can use @JKSH helper utility to change the mirror used.

  • Still failing. It is not instilling confidence in new companies considering a commercial license... If a software journey starts off like this it usually gets worse down the road. A problem like this, with no solution for 3 years and no comment from support makes newcomers like me very worried. Should I bail out now and save myself hours and weeks of wasted time? Oh, I tried different platforms, different browsers, restarted computer. After more than an hour I decided it is not going to work. Now the question in my mind is Why do some people state in the forums they prefer the online installer. Is it different? Will I struggle with plugins and parts that would be missing if I download bits and pieces from the link you posted? Do I have to spend another hour trying different ways of installing. Should I spend a week rewriting the installer, should I try Cordiva instead?

    I just want to show you what a typical new customer would think in this case. I think the installer warrants at least some attention? Just like a car dealer would at least deliver a new car washed to a customer. I mean it is the first thing that you experience?

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    First thing to take into account: this is a community forum. The Qt Company Customer Support is not here.

    The online installer is often the preferred way to go because it allows you to install and update several version of Qt in parallels e.g. the LTS for your long term projects, the current stable for your development needs and the latest beta/RC because you want to test a bug fix or a new feature. And that for all the supported platforms.

    The offline installer are usually used when you only want/need a specific version of Qt.

    As for the download problem, it usually boils down to the mirror used and that depends on the country you are located in. Some might get faulty for one reason or another that is outside of The Qt Company hands (e.g. a server that gets offline because of an electricity outage).

    Did you try to change the mirror as suggested here already ?

    If you see that there are still problems after switching to other mirrors (please try more than one) then there might be something else at hand and you should bring this to the interest mailing list. You'll find there Qt's developers/maintainers.

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